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Bryan Deese

Artist: Murals, Canvas (mixed media)
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Biographical Info

I grew up in Nashville and was first impacted by large scale art on a field trip to the Tennessee State Museum. The show was a Red Grooms retrospective, and it was sculpture and murals and larger than life. While in high school at Hillsboro, I discovered graffiti art. It had all the stuff that made an impact on me earlier — it was big, colorful, based around typography and came with some adventure. That taught me how to paint big and fast and somewhere along the way it turned into murals. I studied graphic design at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and worked professionally as a designer for years before the murals took on a life of their own. Today what I enjoy the most is painting large scale portraits, still using the same techniques and spray paint I used in my youth. I like to showcase the history specific to the location I’m painting. Telling a local history through art elevates that history and tells the community ‘you are important’. That and meeting people while I’m painting is my favorite aspect of the work.

Categories: Visual – Other, Visual – Sketching and Painting
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