Evoke Gallatin Art Contest

Although COVID-19 has closed the doors to many of our favorite art and entertainment venues at present, the art within us is not so easily suppressed. In the spirit of Gallatin’s True Grit and Amazing Grace, the Gallatin Arts Council presents the first Evoke Gallatin Art Contest! Use your artistic skills to capture Gallatin’s natural wonders, our landmarks, our Grit & Grace, or even your hopes for the future of Gallatin.

Prizes will be awarded to four contestants (follow our social media for updates on our prizes!). Winners will be announced on Thursday, October 1st.

This contest is FREE to enter and is open to artists of all ages, skill levels, and mediums. You may use painting, photography, collage, sculpting, woodworking, quilting, fiber arts, or any other preferred expression – however, your artistic entry must be captured via 2D scan/photo for submission. Winners will have your work professionally formatted for printing, and printing will be done on 3×5 inch cards.

Entries will be judged by the Gallatin Arts Council Board of Trustees based solely on how well they evoke the Spirit of Gallatin. All entries must be emailed to: info@gallatinartscouncil.org by September 16th, 2020. Please include a completed copy of this form (find the form here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QPodaDG04lZFtwbfAI6XmRrEAKBdT-74/view), as well as a clear scan/photo of your art submission. We recommend emailing high-resolution imaging of no less than 300 dpi.